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Love your look again at Omega MedSpa

It’s just a fact of life: as we age, our bodies change. Things slow down, too much fun in the sun leaves its mark on our skin, and the stress of life, career, and family eventually shows on our faces. Dr. Betsy Horton, owner and medical director at Omega MedSpa believes how we look often affects how we feel – and that feeling great is a critical part of total wellness.

“As a medical doctor, I’m interested in how the body works on all levels,” she explains. “I’ve been a primary care physician for two decades and, as I personally entered my late thirties and early forties, I developed an interest in how the aging process affects appearance. The science of skincare is fascinating. Laser medicine, injectables, medical grade rejuvenation products – all of these non-surgical options have tremendous potential to optimize the appearance of skin safely and effectively.”

Among the skincare options available at Omega MedSpa are injectable dermal fillers and midface lifters such as Botox®, Kybella®, and Restylane®; laser treatments such as photofacials, skin resurfacing, and skin tightening; and other treatments including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and microneedling. The spa also offers an assortment of facials, body scrubs, and massage therapy options, as well as waxing, laser hair removal, and laser fat reduction.

“We’re dedicated to helping people who want to reduce the signs of aging as part of their overall health and wellness plan,” says Dr. Horton. “The goal isn’t usually to make someone suddenly appear 20 years younger, but to help patients look refreshed and energized.”

The safe, minimally invasive medical techniques available at Omega MedSpa aren’t only for those who want to reduce the effects of time, however.

“Our laser treatments are also effective for reducing scars, whether from teenage acne or other causes, as well as stretch marks and other scar tissue,” she explains. “Laser hair removal can also be a great confidence booster and can save people a lot of time.”

Omega frequently offers educational events and specials, and helps patients stay in-the-know via the spa’s website, Facebook page, and newsletter list. Consultations are always complimentary, and the fully-licensed staff, led by Dr. Horton, is committed to helping each patient choose the option that best fits their goals.

“Our practice is founded on holistic, patient-focused primary care,” she explains. “The family care side of our practice, Alpha Internal Medicine, has been caring for patients locally for 20 years. Omega MedSpa, which we launched in 2014, is simply another way to provide the services patients want in a safe, established, and trustworthy environment.”

Dr. Horton and her team are also committed to keeping abreast of changes in the field so they can provide the best options to their clients. This fall, the practice will begin offering the BioT brand of bioidentical hormones, which can alleviate not only visible effects of natural hormone reduction over time, but also related issues such as fatigue, weight gain, mental “fogginess,” and more.

“We are a woman-owned business, so we truly understand the aging concerns our female patients face, but we treat many men, too,” she says. “Feeling good about their appearance can make a huge difference for people, not only personally, but in the workplace. That’s what we want to do through both sides of our practice: help people be healthy, feel healthy, and look healthy. That, to us, is true whole-person care, and that’s always been our mission.”



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